Spotlight is a modern take for news consumption.
Stay informed in a glance, with a personalised, relevant, and informative news feed.

Stay informed at a Glance
Spotlight's Glance
Curated news in a swipe

Spotlight's Glance is a personalised news feed that is curated just for you. It's a clutter-free, easy to read news feed that you can swipe through.

Spotlight's Glance
Swipe up
Just a breeze

Goodbye to the days of opening multiple tabs and switching between them. Just swipe up and read the news you want to read.


You can swipe up as much as you want. We'll keep showing you articles that you'll love.

Waste no time with Feeds
Spotlight's Feeds
One stop for the latest happenings

Spotlight's Feeds is a quick, dead-simple, and intuitive stop to catch up on the latest happenings around the world. It's optimised for speed, so you can get the latest news in a jiffy.

Spotlight's Feeds
Clutter free

No more ads, no more distractions. Just the news you want to read.


We'll show you the latest news from the best sources. You'll never miss out on anything.

Understand your preferences using Dashboard
Spotlight's Dashboard
All your activities in one place

Spotlight's Dashboard is a one stop place to view all your activities and preferences. You can view your reading activities, your favourite topics, and manage all of that data and information.

Spotlight's Dashboard
Secure and Private

All your data is encrypted, stored securely, and only accessible by you.

User friendly

You are in control of your data. You can delete it anytime you want.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Spotlight today and start reading the news you want to read.